Wrinkles/Fine Lines


What are Wrinkles?

  • Wrinkles, fine lines and creases are the first visible signs of aging. 


  • Sun exposure is responsible for 90% of aging. The radiation from the sun breaks down the collagen in our tissue.

  • Genetics accounts for 10% of the trajectory of aging

  • Lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, excessive sugar intake)

  • Repetitive facial movements.

  • Stress

Types of Wrinkles 

  • Dynamic Lines are lines seen with facial muscle movement, crow’s feet when smiling and vertical “11’s” between the brows when frowning.

  • Static Lines are visible when the face is at rest. These are lines that have been “etched” into the skin through repeated movement. In addition, volume or collagen loss in those areas contribute to the appearance of these lines. Vertical lip lines (from pursing) and horizontal lines (lifting the forehead muscle up) across the forehead are examples. 

  • “Sleep Lines” are lines that occur due to volume loss With sleep positioning, the skin “folds” which causes a crease. You may have noticed these lines are more pronounced in the morning but improve through-out the day. A line that runs diagonally across the forehead from the hairline into the middle of the brow or small, diagonal lines etched into the tail of the eyebrow are sleep lines.  

Treatments for wrinkles and Fine Lines

  • If left untreated, dynamic lines will eventually become static lines and static lines will deepen and become more noticeable. Fortunately, there are treatments available that can prevent, delay and improve lines and wrinkles.