Broken Capillaries/Veins


What are Broken Capillaries?

  • Tiny broken cappilaries or “telangectasia” frequently occur on the face-nose, cheeks and chin being the most common areas. 


  • Broken capillaries and vessels occur with age, sun exposure, certain skin conditions (rosacea), hypertension or high blood pressure and can be hereditary. 

  • They can also occur with trauma. They can be difficult to camouflage and make the face appear “ruddy”or red in colour. 


  • Unfortunately, these broken vessels will only improve with intervention. There are no topical treatments that will correct broken vessels.

  • Broken cappilaries require treatment with “energy” therapy that target the red chromophore (pigment) of the blood. The heat coagulates the blood in the vessel and it is absorbed by the body. It is an easy and relatively quick treatment. You will experience some temporary redness and swelling after treatment lasting a few hours. Occasionally, you may have an area that appears “bruised”and this will disappear after a couple of days.

  • You can apply makeup immediately post procedure.

  • It may take 2-4 weeks to see results and more than one treatment may be necessary for more stubborn areas.