Developed by Dr. Mauricio deMaio, a plastic surgeon, innovator and philosopher, MD CODES has revolutionized aesthetic medicine and non-surgical facial enhancement.  Dr. deMaio has created a systematic multi-factoral approach of aesthetic enhancement that identifies and treats all angles of the complex face. It is a much more sophisticated approach than “chasing lines and folds”.

MD Codes™ is a comprehensive injection methodology that addresses the attributes or messages of the face.  Instead of treating isolated lines and folds, the MdCodes™ philosophy treats “sad, angry, tired and saggy” appearances.  MdCodes™ are structural codes that build foundation, contour and refinement in the face.

MDDYNA CODES are the dynamic codes of the face that optimize expression through muscle modulation. These codes enhance and beautify our facial emotional expression.  Your face is very different at rest as opposed to animation, muscles recruit differently. It’s imperative your provider assess both your restful face and your animated face. The MDDYNA CODES determine product placement over or under the muscle to modulate or control movements. These codes ensure that your animated face is just as attractive as your face at rest.   

MD ASA™ is the component of the codes that organizes the assessment process of the facial features. This assessment enables us to identify the message of the face and not just the distractions.  The distractions are isolated areas of lines, wrinkles and folds that we tend to focus on. Treating lines, wrinkles and folds only leads to facial distortion and imbalance.  MD ASA identifies complex facial messages at rest and on animation.

All the codes correlate with injection points on the face. Comprehensive execution of all the codes ensures a positive and successful treatment plan and outcome.  THIS TECHNIQUE ELIMINATES THE OVERFILLED AND OVERDONE APPEARANCE so many are concerned with.

As an Advanced Injector, Cynthia has the distinction of training under Dr.deMaio’s instruction since MDCodes inception almost 5 years ago. 

Please contact our office to book a complimentary consult to discuss the theory and application of the Codes in your aesthetic plan.


deMaio, Mauricio, “An Advanced Approach to Facial Assessment with the MdASA System” Volume 1; Allergan October 2018