Patient Comfort

At Boutique Medical Aesthetics, we are sensitive that patients may be anxious and concerned with discomfort during treatments and procedures. We offer many different ways to ensure your treatment experience is comfortable and relaxing. 

We offer topical numbing cream, chillers and inhaled gases to manage pain and alleviate any anxiety. Our needles and cannulas are superior grade with comfort tips that ease injections. Our LASER has a cooling plate that measures the temperature of your skin to ensure comfortable cooling during your procedure.  In addition, Cynthia employs different sensory techniques to minimize perceived discomfort. 

Patient Safety

Patient safety is a priority at Boutique Medical Aesthetics. All equipment, technologies and products are CSA and Health Canada approved. Cynthia has thoroughly researched and tested all products and technologies provided at Boutique Medical Aesthetics.  Her tenure in the industry, along with her experience in medical sales, has enabled her to choose the very best and the safest products and treatments available in the marketplace.