Are you self-conscious of your double chin? “Belkyra™” is an injectable treatment that can help to minimize and improve sub-mental fullness.

It is made of deoxycholic acid, a substance naturally produced by the body, that breaks down targeted fat. 

Aging, genetics and weight gain can contribute to the dreaded “double chin”. It is characterized by a fullness causing loss of contour in the jawline and chin.  It affects both men and women and will not improve with diet, exercise or weight loss.

Almost 75% of people are bothered and embarrassed by the effect submental fullness has on their profile. Luckily, there is a non-surgical option (Belkyra™) for eliminating submental fat.

It is a relatively painless procedure in which small amounts of solution are injected into the area, massaged, and, over a few weeks, the fat begins to dissolve. After only 2-4 treatments, minimal downtime and easy recovery, you can reclaim a more defined and permanently contoured jawline.

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