Skin Laxity

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What is Skin Laxity?

  • As we age, we begin to notice droopy tired eyes, deeper nasolabial folds, “jowls’ and loss of jawline contour.

  • Our face ages more “medially” or into the “middle”.

  • This laxity is not limited to the face. The neck becomes “crepey” in appearance. The skin on the hands,arms,knees lose firmness and our tummy becomes “soft”. 


  • Breakdown of elastin, a protein in our tissues that has the actual property of being elastic. It allows for tissues in the body to “snap-back” to their original shape after being stretched or contracted. 

  • As we age, these elastic fibres become loose and saggy and they need to be “remodelled” with topical products and heat/light treatments.

  • Pregnancy, weight fluctuations can cause the skin to lose its firm, taut look and become “saggy”.  

Treatments for skin laxity includes