You are Medical Grade Baby!

Your skin care regime is a bank account. Good product choices are an investment.

Most people are not aware of the differences between Medical Grade skincare and over the counter or “OTC” (which encompasses online, multi-level marketing-think “Arbonne”, and “infomercial”) brands.


OTC products do not have to provide ingredient lists or substantiating clinical data of efficacy. They typically contain trace amounts of active ingredients- think retinol and ascorbic acid-not enough to make any difference to your skin health.  They also “sit” on the surface of the skin and do not penetrate to the cellular level. It is only at the cellular level that improvement and correction can be achieved.  


Medical Grade skincare is held to a much higher and rigourous standard.  The ingredients are active, contain a higher percentage of active ingredients, they are pharmaceutical grade and have a sophisticated delivery system that penetrates deep into the epidermis to the cellular level.  Medical Grade products also go through years of testing and analysis.  Scientific clinical data must prove their efficacy and safety.  Not just a marketing gimmick where “8 of 10 women report an improvement in their skin” Medical Skin care companies employ scientists that provide measurable quantitative data.

Medical Grade products can only be sold by Registered Health Care Professionals or their licensed designates who have had extensive training on skin anatomy and the chemistry behind these products.

In addition, there is regular follow up with patients when they begin on medical grade skincare.  We expect to see a reaction from medical grade skincare.  It “kickstarts” a lazy, sluggish skin to start working more efficiently and in a more healthy way.  It mitigates the effects of sun damage, melasma, acne, texture and large pores, lines, wrinkles and volume loss.  


The cost of Medical Grade skincare is comparable (and often times has a more reasonable price point) in cost to OTC products, HOWEVER, with Medical Grade products you will clinically improve the health of your skin, correct existing conditions and prevent future skin health issues.  A much better return on your investment wouldn’t you say?





#Self-care. It’s the new social media buzzword. Is it just a trend? Let’s hope not!




  1. actions that preserve and support one’s physical, emotional, relational, professional, educational and spiritual well being. Well being that reflects how we care for ourselves on the most basic fundamental levels

    Self-care is simply taking care of yourself. Doing the things solely for yourself that enrich your body and soul. We often times get so caught up in extraneous responsibilities and needs of family, kids, work, house, friends, that we forget to nourish ourselves. Our tank starts to empty and before you know it everyone else is being nurtured except for you.

    You begin to see and feel the signs and symptoms of self neglect. You are tired, lack energy, feel run down and are more susceptible to illness, gas and bloating and other physical ailments, your self esteem and confidence are affected and loss of happiness follows. You begin to feel more negative thoughts.

    Sub-optimal health affects us physically, mentally and spiritually and when there’s an imbalance everything suffers. Without health, we are unable to fully enjoy life. Your body struggles and your mind struggles. This is why self care is so important. It brings back homeostasis.

    Self-care is anything that feeds and nourishes you as an individual-it’s only for you! Eating healthy foods, exercise, meditation, a hobby, something as simple as enjoying a moment of solitude before the day begins. My self-care routine is ongoing and daily. I have discovered that I need that daily top up. I don’t respond well to “crash and burn”. My self-care consists of waking up at 5am and enjoying the solitude of the morning before the the hustle begins, I also go to the gym at 6am and ride my bike to work. At the end of the day I enjoy a “hot cuppa” which reminds me of tea time with my Irish Nana. I write lists so I don’t forget important events or tasks, I cook most of the weeks’ meals on Sunday so it frees up my time for myself. I also love the solitude of scuba diving which I became certified in last year. Just 30 mins in the canal or lake or pool, with only the sound of my own bubbles is freeing!! I’ve also eliminated “toxic” people from my life-both professionally and personally. “Believe actions not words” has become one of my boundaries. Not everyone is worthy of your goodness. Did you know you have cells in your gut that resemble brain cells? When you don’t acknowledge when your brain is sending a ‘warning sign” your gut kicks in. You start to feel uneasy, unsure, like walking on eggshells, something’s “off”. Listen to your “gut feeling”. It’s our sixth sense.

    Many confuse self-care with being selfish and self absorbed. It’s not. Not one little bit. Self care shows we respect ourselves, it teaches others to respect us. It implements healthy boundaries and that positively influences all aspects of our lives. When we take care of ourselves first, we have a full tank with which to give to others. "When women take care of themselves in all aspects of their lives, they actually have more energy, more reserve and depth to take of others at home, at work, and in their community.”1 It may sound selfish but it’s the opposite. “Research shows the Millennial generation spends over $10 billion on self care products. What’s even more interesting, is that more millennials reported making personal improvement commitments than any generation before them. Millennials spend twice as much as baby boomers on self-care essentials such as gym memberships or workout equipment, dieting, life coaching, yoga/ meditation, and the list goes on. So we’ve taught our children how to take care of themselves but we are not practicing what we preach.2

    Studies have shown that when we look and feel good we perform better, we are less likely to succumb to depression, we are happier, and healthier and our family dynamics are healthier. When you respect yourself everyone else in life will respect you as well. It is not only about considering our needs; it is rather about knowing what we need to do in order to take care of ourselves, being subsequently, able to take care of others as well. That is, if I don’t take enough care of myself, I won’t be in the place to give to my loved ones either.

“Self-Care is how you take your power back.” -Lalah Delia


1/2 Pew Research Group-

“MdCodes™️” Treating the Message not the Distraction.


I just returned from another exciting training session on MdCodes™️, created by Dr. Mauricio deMaio, a world renowned Plastic Surgeon and innovator in facial aesthetic medicine.   

MdCodes™️ is an innovative methodology of facial aesthetic injection techniques using neuromodulators (Botox) and dermal fillers (Juvederm).  

Dr deMaio created these techniques after noticing an alarming trend of facial distortion and imbalance in patients having injectable aesthetic treatments. After many years of research and design, Dr. deMaio developed a more natural approach to facial augmentation based on “emotional attributes” (portrayed as sadnesstired, angry and saggy appearances) instead of just “chasing” lines and folds that typically concern patients. These would be lines around the eyes, nasolabial folds, smile lines, marionettes etc. You KNOW the ones!  The ones I always say are not noticed by other people only by you. The ones you only want one syringe of filler for-not the way to go!

Dr deMaio refers to these as "facial distractions". As in patients are “distracted" by the symptom (line or wrinkle) instead of looking beyond at the "MESSAGE" on the face. An example would be nasolabial folds-the deep folds that appear at the side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Most patients ask for these to be “filled", not realizing the cause is loss of support in the cheek which in turn causes sagging into the medial face. We need to re-educate the patient on the need to treat the origin first. This is what produces natural results.  However, in order to do this successfully, there must be assessment and planning.  

Dr DeMaio

We first complete a full comprehensive facial analysis considering the clinicians assessment of the “thirds” of the face, balance and symmetry, expression and then we analyze what the patient wants (distractions) and what the patient needs (emotional attributes).

This will ensure a clear aesthetic plan and natural and postive outcome which results in higher patient satisfaction.

 These natural positive results are accomplished with more than one syringe of dermal filler. Most patients ask for “only one syringe” because they’re afraid of looking too “overdone”. Ironically, the more syringes we treat with, the more natural and successful the treatment. This is because we are treating the comprehensive face. Dr. deMaio has discovered that the magic number of syringes needed to achieve improvement is 12. Yes, you read that right “TWELVE”-AND more if the patient has more than one attribute requiring improvement. 

 It’s like building a house. We first build the “FOUNDATION” which supports the house, we then begin to frame the house by providing symmetry, balance and “CONTOUR”,  next we address the distractions which are the wallpaper and paint (lips, lines and eyes). “REFINEMENT”

Until now, Dr deMaio has only presented to Health Care Providers. Along with Allergan and JuvedermCanada, Dr. DeMaio will be presenting “Beauty DeCoded Live” to the public to better educate on the Best Practice for Injectable Treatments. He will answer all the questions you have about dermal fillers and treatments AND will be doing a LIVE demonstration. The “Before” and “After” results will ASTOUND you!!

Log on to FACEBOOK LIVE to see the LIVESTREAM June 4 2019 at 6pm EST

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deMaio, Mauricio, “An Advanced Approach to Facial Assessment with the MdASA System” Volume 1; Allergan October 2018